Banking for Digital Asset Economy

VeradiVerdict - Issue #126

“As a new financial system continues developing around digital assets and decentralized finance, its leading companies and projects will need dedicated payments and banking services. BCB Group has built a set of financial products natively designed for the blockchain-powered economy and we’re excited to help them accelerate their offerings.”

Since the beginning of my career at Pantera Capital, blockchain and cryptocurrency companies have endured years of difficulty and uncertainty with their banking relationships. We have spent much time building relationships with numerous banks around the world to help our portfolio companies yet those banking challenges have persisted until more recently. Enter BCB Group, Europe’s leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy. Pantera recently participated in a strategic funding round for the company with North Island Ventures, Ventures, L1 Digital, and Pack Capital.

BCB Group is the only dual regulated institution that offers clients a full stack solution which includes payments processing, cryptocurrency trading and custody services through an API, and a breadth of digital asset services. Clients include headline brands such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, Galaxy, and Kraken. Traction has been impressive so far with 19x volume growth over the last twelve months, processing over $4bn in payments and trades just in February 2021 alone.

Going forward, BCB Group looks to expand in a few ways:

  • BCB Treasury - a service designed to help companies interested in investing in bitcoin as a treasury asset

  • BCB Yield Accounts - a product offering clients an interesting-bearing opportunity on their positions

  • BCB Wealth Partners - a comprehensive crypto service for private wealth clients

Pantera is excited about partnering with BCB Group and believes the company is providing essential financial infrastructure for companies and institutions to get started and thrive with their digital assets.

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- Paul V



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