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VeradiVerdict - Issue #86

First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day to everyone and many thanks for the contributions from fallen soldiers.

As mentioned in previous newsletters and in this Bitcoin Halving panel that I moderated recently, I really do think crypto is going to come out of this pandemic very strong. With Bitcoin continuing to be a great store of value and Ethereum leading in developer traction for decentralized applications and launching their version 2.0, those two cryptocurrencies have the largest market caps. If you need a primer on why Bitcoin is compelling, check out this resource list from Matt Huang of Paradigm. For Ethereum, here’s something I wrote way back in the day. While crypto price isn’t the best indication of progress, price does encourage more entrepreneurs, users, and capital to come into the space and hopefully more regulatory clarity to foster innovation. Even Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit (which just launched a community token), discussed publicly why he thinks crypto spring is here.

With more interest in Bitcoin and price movement recently, this has led to more security attacks and scams in the space. Last week, I know quite a few folks that had fallen to a sim-swap attack. In case you don’t know what a sim-swap attack is, here’s an article on one of the more famous attacks. Common ways to start protecting yourself include putting 2-factor authentication (google authenticator/Authy) on all of your financial and social accounts, having your crypto in cold storage, and letting your carrier know to not port your phone number unless you authorize it in person at a local carrier store.

I mention social accounts because scams have occurred through the use of compromised real or fake social accounts on mostly Zoom, Linkedin, and Telegram. For example, Pantera will NEVER:

  • Ask for any money to review or execute on a possible investment opportunity, there’s NO venture injection program

  • Promise extraordinary returns from an investment

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Obviously verify that messages come from legit company email addresses or social accounts. On top of that, use common connections or multiple methods of communication to confirm identity.

I hope folks continue to learn about the space and participate in this nascent disruptive space yet be vigilant.

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