Privacy-Focused Brave Browser Exceeds 10 Million Monthly Active Users

VeradiVerdict - Issue #63

Brave browser recently announced that the browser has exceeded 10 million monthly active users (MAUs). That is quite an accomplishment!

Pantera was one of the largest investors in Brave’s seed round in early 2016 with Founders Fund and Propel Ventures. The investment was a bet on the team (Brendan Eich was the former CEO/CTO of Mozilla and the rest were amazing engineers/individuals), the vision, and the budding (only six-figure MAUs at the time) but engaged user base. The investment thesis was that a faster, privacy-controlled, and better user experience browser with a more equitable business model would be a winning formula. What Brave accomplished right from the beginning was a browser that was orders of magnitude faster than google chrome and other similar browsers by removing ad-trackers/cookies and enabling users to maintain data privacy and control.

Since then, Brave has reached 10.4 million MAUs and and 3.3 million DAUs (daily active users).

Hitting 1 million DAUs was a big milestone for the company. Achieving 30% DAUs/MAUs is a strong key performance indicator for any consumer company, and they continue to do that. Users have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that can receive BAT (Brave Attention Tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the Brave Browser) in exchange for viewing high-quality ads, opt-in only. Users are getting a piece of the business model which is different than other browsers. This ad model does not sacrifice the speed of the browser nor the user experience.

I’ve been a DAU of Brave Browser since the beginning, mostly on my mobile device because that’s where I do my browsing, and look forward to the evolution of its product and monetization model.

If you want to give it a try, download Brave here.


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Las Vegas, December 20

New York City, January 7-10


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