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Previously, I wrote about Facebook’s project Libra and cryptocurrency network, and now Apple just came out with something for developers. At the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple launched a framework called CryptoKit that allows developers to carry out common cryptographic operations on Apple devices.

In the past, IOS developers wishing to implement cryptographic operations had to rely on a library named Common Crypto written in a different language from Swift (the common language used for IOS software development). This inconvenience is now addressed by CryptoKit (written in Swift) by allowing the following operations:

  • Compute and compare cryptographically secure digests

  • Use public-key cryptography to create and evaluate digital signatures, and to perform key exchange

  • Generate symmetric keys, and use them in operations like message authentication and encryption

Hashing, key generation, key exchange, and encryption are essential operations for building cryptocurrency wallets, and CryptoKit allows the storage of private keys in the secure enclave which significantly increases key protection.

Yet the current implementation still does not support the secp2561k1 curve used by Ethereum, and therefore places some limitations on the type of crypto applications it can support. During the Cryptography and Your Apps session of WWDC, CryptoKit’s use cases beyond crypto were brought up and they include data protection, key and credential protection, and remote parties verification, etc. Other cases where CryptoKit can be applied to more than just crypto-related applications are password generation, back-ups, secure e-mailing, and micro-transactions.

It Looks like Apple is on a path to create hardware wallets using Apple devices, and the effort is similar to Samsung’s launch of Galaxy S10 earlier in the year that featured an integrated wallet. Meanwhile, providing support for IOS developers can increase the number of blockchain and crypto-related applications in the market.


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