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In mid-2017, Kik messenger launched one of the most high-profile ICOs at the time, as it is a social network that has over 300 million downloads and investors such as Union Square Ventures with Fred Wilson on the board. The ICO raised $100 million with investors such as Pantera Capital, Polychain, and others investing.

Since then, Kik has launched their token Kin on top of its own blockchain. The token is widely used and incentivizes user behaviors, developers to build onto the ecosystem, and payments.

Early in 2018, the SEC started to target projects including Kin regarding possible violation of securities laws and looking to get those projects to settle, which includes admission that their token is a security.

Recently, Kik came out with an initiative called Defend Crypto to crowdfund and make a stand against the SEC. I commend Kik for being transparent, pushing for clarity from the SEC, and standing up for crypto projects in general. With Kik being already very high profile and having an existing product with high usage of a token, it makes for a compelling case.

Total and Leaderboard of Cryptocurrencies Contributed So Far

I think it’s another example where a crypto company will take a stand in hoping to draw out more clarity regarding regulations. Coincidentally, today, the SEC publicly announced that it is suing Kik so both sides are publicly stating their position. The SEC claims that Kik sold tokens to the public and that there was an expectation of profit for investors. On the opposite spectrum, Blockstack made a stand by recently completing an SEC filing for a $50 million regulated token offering.


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Justin Sun


Looking forward to lunch with @WarrenBuffett. Will be a great opportunity for mutual understanding and knowledge transfer. It's a new era for #TRON and #BitTorrent, and also a big step for the whole #blockchain history. Let’s see what happens next.

9:03 AM - 3 Jun 2019

Vala Afshar


15 technologies of next decade

1 AI
2 IoT⌚️
3 blockchain ⛓
4 3D print 🖨
5 mobile📱
6 autonomous cars 🚗
7 mobile internet 💻
8 robotics 🤖
9 VR/AR👓
10 wireless power🔋
11 quantum computing 🖥
12 5G 📡
13 voice assistant🎙
14 cybersecurity🔒
15 cloud ☁️

6:48 AM - 3 Jun 2019


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