VeradiVerdict - Infrastructure For Institutional Capital - Issue #26


Hi, I am Paul Veradittakit, a Partner at Pantera Capital, one of the oldest and largest institutional investors focused on investing into blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies. I focus on early stage investments and want to share my thoughts and what’s going on in the industry in this weekly newsletter.

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  • Recent VC investments in exchanges, custody providers, and trading infrastructure companies are setting the stage for institutional capital to enter the space

  • Companies need to focus on brand building, a great product experience, and a responsive customer service while regulatory licenses provides a moat

  • Cambridge Associates, an asset allocator, suggested that institutions should consider investing in the asset class, as there is much progress and potential in the blockchain ecosystem

Institutional Capital for Speculation and Fund Investment

I got asked this week when institutional capital will be entering the space both for speculation and investing into funds as limited partners. I have always thought that clarity in regulations and institutional infrastructure would be needed for that to happen.

I do believe that there will be some more regulatory clarity by the end of the year. In terms of institutional infrastructure, there have been investments recently from VCs into areas like exchanges, custody, and institutional trading execution/portfolio management.

The Block recently did a market map of Pantera’s portfolio which includes both equity and ICO investments. As you can see, many of institutional infrastructure investments fall in the Trading & Exchanges section on the right.

Pantera Portfolio by The Block

On the exchange side, we have Bakkt, ErisX, and Seed CX that have raised rounds to launch futures products for cryptocurrencies. Getting CFTC approval is key for these, yet the government shutdown earlier this year has delayed launches. On the custodial side, Anchorage, Bitgo, and Coinbase have launched with strong tech and licenses. Support for ERC20 tokens, brand, and insurance will be key. On the trade execution/portfolio management side, Tagomi, Omniex, and Lumina have simplified access to best-priced trading and management of cryptocurrencies. Setting up exchange accounts, going through multiple KYC processes, and trading can be friction for family offices and institutional investors.

I think it will take a bit of time before institutional investors come into the space in a big way but the companies tackling important infrastructure above should be ready for when that will happen with a focus on product, brand, and customer support. Regulatory compliance and licensing provide a moat. Same conclusion with security tokens and institutional capital.

Institutional investors are starting to realize that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are here to stay, seeing this space as an alternative asset class and portfolio diversification. Why not invest less than 1% of AUM with high upside? Yale endowment invested into Paradigm and the police pension fund invested into Morgan Creek. Last week, Cambridge Associates issued a report that the blockchain industry is developing, not faltering, and that institutional investors should being exploring it.

I believe that relationships and brand matter quite a bit for institutional investors to become LPs but more are eager than ever to get educated and explore a potential investment into this asset class.


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New Products and Hot Deals

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