Virtual Hangouts

VeradiVerdict - Issue #78

Despite being quarantined within our homes to protect the health of our society, it doesn’t mean we still can’t continue to socialize, strengthen relationships, and build culture. 

Pantera held its first virtual happy hour last week, and it was great to see folks in their natural habitat.  

A few parameters below were set and next time we may incorporate some party games:

  • Drop in/out during a time window

  • Video call required

  • Alcoholic drink preferred

  • Costume optional

Overall, I had 3 different virtual happy hours last week and whether it’s personal or work-related, I think it’s important for our mental health during this period to interact casually.

Here are a few other ideas for virtual hangouts:

  • Poker tournament (

  • Donut ( - slack extension to regularly pair up team members who don’t know each other well for conversations

  • Movie night (

  • Company gym on zoom - hire a trainer to train employees online

  • Facebook messenger hangout with friends - easy face filters for fun


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Walks and jogs at the park, 6 feet apart

Zoom coffee meetings


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